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There’s a transformative shift in business, and what worked before is no longer an option. I work with organizations and leaders that want to enter into the new reality of business —from start-up and public sector to large, established businesses.


Knowing your purpose is where it all starts.
Few people know the difference they make in the world. Do you?

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What gets you up in the morning?
Purpose switches you on to doing business with passion.


The power of testimonials is the value that shows
across every success story we tell.

  • I’m giving Maiken my highest recommendation after her workshop on conscious leadership and spiritual intell....

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    Bettina Nielsen

    Talent Manager at TopDanmark Insurance and Pension

  • "My biggest challenge was figuring out what I was burning for in terms of career and what my purpose is relat....

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    Migena Gjerazi

    Co-active Coach

  • Maiken has a unique combination of simultaneously being very professional and very empathetic. And of prov....

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    Stine Norstrand

    Head of Design and News Graphics at Danish Broadcast Corporation

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Fears are mostly imagined
and the biggest obstacle to making courageous decisions.

  • 1. Discover
  • 2. Identify
  • 3. Align
  • 4. Action
  • 5. Follow Up
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