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Are You Failing Courage?

March 24 2015

Have you ever explained to yourself or others that your courage failed you in a situation where you didn’t do something, you had wanted to do? And the other person probably nodded his or hers head knowingly and compassionately, showing their understanding. ‘My courage failed me’, we say. As if this was something totally out…. READ MORE

Why You Should Never Seek Advice

March 17 2015

In my job, I am blessed to have the opportunity to help people reach their goals by clearing the barriers standing in their way. All of which most often are internal. One of the internal barriers that I often need to address is all the advice clients get from other people before coming to me….. READ MORE

People Prefer Electrical Shock to Feelings

March 13 2015

People are so afraid of being alone with their thoughts and feelings that they rather give themselves electrical shock to distract themselves. I recently attended a talk by Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and author, where she brought up the fact that so many of us are so busy achieving that we don’t thrive….. READ MORE