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A work culture of personal development

February 24 2016

Is it the responsibility of a company to dig into your childhood stories, so you can become a better employee? Is it even desirable?  At the company Next Jump they think so – they actually see it as fundamental to their success as a business. So you might be an engineer, whose responsibility it is…. READ MORE

How would you hire if you could never fire?

February 18 2016

In my last posts I introduced you to the company Next Jump, who promises to never fire anyone. Meaning if they invite you onboard, you are promised lifelong employment. Whereas Next Jump is unique in their commitment to not firing, I find that all conscious companies share the approach to recruitment that they hire for…. READ MORE

Imagine that you can never fire or be fired?

February 09 2016

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to introduce you to quite an inspiring company and one of its managing directors Kevin McCoy. The company went from a stable 25% growth to a stable 100% annual growth by making one decision. The additional growth is great, but that is not really why it is…. READ MORE