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Purpose is no recipe for success

March 29 2016

Have the big news also reached you? That purpose is the new black. The new must have remedy for companies struggling with stress, high turnover, low employee engagement and who are caught in the downward spiral of competing on price? Have you also read the impressive numbers of how purpose companies outperform the pants off traditional…. READ MORE

The Magic Touch

March 15 2016

I started coaching clients a couple of years back, and after a while a really interesting pattern started to emerge. It was something, which kind of surprised me. It really shouldn’t have, because what I witnessed was something I believed in, and many talk about. But it wasn’t until I saw it unfold in my…. READ MORE

Can our feelings increase performance?

March 08 2016

Please watch this 1,5 minute video first – and then I want to ask you two Q’s. Thanks for playing along. So, now for my two questions. How did you engage with this video? My guess is that you engaged with your feelings Would the video have had the same impact if it had just quoted accident…. READ MORE

7 ways to move from Me to We

March 01 2016

I would like to invite you into the meeting room of a large international corporation. The CEO just flew in from headquarter to boost morale. Management waiting in anticipation for the big boss. The meeting starts, and the CEO harshly delivers his morale booster, and formula for success; If performance is not raised, the office will close. Those…. READ MORE