I am a strategy and leadership coach, who act as a catalyst and purposologist for clients pursuing conscious business. I have a knack for challenging the status quo, getting to the root of the problem to uncover barriers, and creating direction and focus.

Two things impact how we live and do business:

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I am on a purpose driven mission to reinvent business and leadership to become more conscious. The world needs it. So in all I do I try to inspire clients to pursue a purposeful approach to life and business.
I do this through Conscious Business and Leadership – and also through personal and spiritual development in my other niche, which you can read more about here

Before embarking on this mission, I worked as a consultant doing strategy, public affairs, public relations and stakeholder- and reputation management working for clients such as Oracle, Puma, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, The Danish AgriFish Agency, The Trade Association for Job Advisors, DSB, Danish Society for Patient Safety. I have also worked as a journalist for Danish Broadcast Corporation.


My academic background from universities in Denmark, England, and USA is complemented by inspiring trainings from leading experts in their respective fields, e.g. Marketing expert Jeff Walker, High Performance coach Brendon Burchard, and Personal Branding expert Sam Christensen. As an active participant in the Conscious Capitalism movement, I’m continuously updated on the most current knowledge provided by some of the best experts in the field.  I am a certified Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Coach by Cindy Wigglesworth, expert on Spiritual Intelligence. I am an Advanced Level Soul Realignment Practitioner trained by Andrrea Hess, and a certified level 2 DNA-activator from The Lumen Octave by Kristine Skjoldborg Stammer to help clients develop conscious leadership.


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    Lode Melis

    Medical Manager, UCB

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    Marc Hommel

    C-Suite Leader, Investor and former partner in PWC, London

My Values

Successful partnerships are not coincidental, but something we can create again and again when we know what works for us. I do business by my personal values to provide the optimal opportunity for you and me to have a successful and prosperous partnership.

  • Commitment

    is key
    to great results

  • Trust

    that we wish the best
    for each other

  • Honesty

    must exist
    in any partnership

  • Opportunity

    a mind-set of openness and
    ability to see opportunities

  • Humour

    no hard work
    without fun and irony