Are You Failing Courage?

March 24, 2015

Have you ever explained to yourself or others that your courage failed you in a situation where you didn’t do something, you had wanted to do? And the other person probably nodded his or hers head knowingly and compassionately, showing their understanding.

‘My courage failed me’, we say. As if this was something totally out of our hands. Like blaming a friend that just didn’t show up for us as promised. Poor me, I’m being let down by courage.

Words are powerful, and the great thing about saying that courage failed us is that we subconsciously tell ourselves that it was out of our hands. It was courage’s fault we didn’t get to do what we wanted, not ours. Not our responsibility. Not our fault that great thing didn’t happen after all.

But that is BS….You fail courage. It doesn’t fail you. It is always there ready to receive you.

Courage is our friend who represents the opportunity to experience new things, accomplish results we didn’t think possible and use our skills and abilities exactly where it is most meaningful for us.

But when we don’t do that, it is US that fail our friend courage by turning our back to our helper and friend, who is just waiting to take us on the best adventures of our lives. WE fail courage when we don’t stand up for our dreams, goals, wishes and desires. And we choose fear instead.

But fear is not our friend. Fear is there to make sure nothing gets better and we never find out just how capable and powerful and loving we.

So my question to you is this – will you fail your friend courage next time it calls out for you?

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