Leader, do you hear the Call? Do you dare to answer??

oktober 09 2018

You will at some point in your life receive the Call. The Call is a whisper begging the questions is this all there is, can I be more than I am, can I do more than what I do? The answer is always yes. Answering the call means rising to the challenges of this world…. READ MORE


april 07 2018

  In face of challenge we often either dwell in our powerlessness or harden ourselves. Instead I want to offer 3 practices, which leads to authentic personal growth and empowerment. Read along on my platform at Lifelabs.


april 02 2018

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as; What is my purpose? Why am I on this earth?  What am I meant to do? How am I meant to serve? How can my purpose be revealed to me? I used to ask myself these questions many years ago as I experienced a growing desperate feeling of lack…. READ MORE


februar 28 2018

Not all kinds of femininity show up as healthy contributions to this world. So how do we ensure that we don’t get blind-sided in our celebration of all feminine? 2018 is supposed to be a pivotal year in bringing a shift in the world towards a feminine paradigm, where femininity and feminine values come into…. READ MORE


december 19 2017

As the year is coming to an end, I’m taking time to reflect about the teachings gained, the lessons learned, the milestones accomplished and the magic that has unfolded in 2017. My newsletter has gone quiet this year as I’ve gone through major transition in my business and personal life that has caused me to…. READ MORE

Talk about conscious leadership

oktober 16 2017

Med bevidst ledelse øger du high performance


april 02 2017

One of the things I help my clients with is bringing their spiritual power into their business – or life – to create success. In fact, spiritual powers are so central to success that I’d even go so far and say that you can’t succeed without it. Maybe in the short run, but sooner or…. READ MORE

Do You Ever Listen To Win?

maj 10 2016

Recently a close friend of mine called because she was going through a stressful time. A lot of stuff was happening with her business, and she found it difficult to manage all the emotional stress, which came with this. I listened for a bit, and then when a pause came I quickly jumped in with a…. READ MORE

What has spirituality got to do with business?

april 26 2016

Almost everything, I would say. In fact, I believe that spiritual intelligence is the single most important ‘ingredient’ in leaders today. And I’m not the only one.  Spiritual intelligence was also on the agenda for the Conscious Capitalism Conference 2016, which I recently attended. Among one of the speakers on this topic was John Mackey,…. READ MORE

Purpose is no recipe for success

marts 29 2016

Have the big news also reached you? That purpose is the new black. The new must have remedy for companies struggling with stress, high turnover, low employee engagement and who are caught in the downward spiral of competing on price? Have you also read the impressive numbers of how purpose companies outperform the pants off traditional…. READ MORE

The Magic Touch

marts 15 2016

I started coaching clients a couple of years back, and after a while a really interesting pattern started to emerge. It was something, which kind of surprised me. It really shouldn’t have, because what I witnessed was something I believed in, and many talk about. But it wasn’t until I saw it unfold in my…. READ MORE

Can our feelings increase performance?

marts 08 2016

Please watch this 1,5 minute video first – and then I want to ask you two Q’s. Thanks for playing along. So, now for my two questions. How did you engage with this video? My guess is that you engaged with your feelings Would the video have had the same impact if it had just quoted accident…. READ MORE

7 ways to move from Me to We

marts 01 2016

I would like to invite you into the meeting room of a large international corporation. The CEO just flew in from headquarter to boost morale. Management waiting in anticipation for the big boss. The meeting starts, and the CEO harshly delivers his morale booster, and formula for success; If performance is not raised, the office will close. Those…. READ MORE

A work culture of personal development

februar 24 2016

Is it the responsibility of a company to dig into your childhood stories, so you can become a better employee? Is it even desirable?  At the company Next Jump they think so – they actually see it as fundamental to their success as a business. So you might be an engineer, whose responsibility it is…. READ MORE

How would you hire if you could never fire?

februar 18 2016

In my last posts I introduced you to the company Next Jump, who promises to never fire anyone. Meaning if they invite you onboard, you are promised lifelong employment. Whereas Next Jump is unique in their commitment to not firing, I find that all conscious companies share the approach to recruitment that they hire for…. READ MORE

Imagine that you can never fire or be fired?

februar 09 2016

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to introduce you to quite an inspiring company and one of its managing directors Kevin McCoy. The company went from a stable 25% growth to a stable 100% annual growth by making one decision. The additional growth is great, but that is not really why it is…. READ MORE

Hvad har du tilbage, hvis pengene forsvandt?

december 01 2015

Forestil dig, at du i morgen står op til endnu en lidt grå og kold november morgen. Det regner måske lidt, og den fugtige kulde bider i knoglerne. Du triller cyklen ud af cykelstativet eller skruer op for varmesædet i BMW’en og kører ind mod dagens første møde. Når du går ind igennem glasdøren, opdager…. READ MORE

Ville du være ven med din virksomhed?

december 01 2015

Kære læser, jeg vil gerne invitere dig til at tænke på en af dine gode venner. Måske ligefrem din bedste ven. Hvorfor er I så gode venner? Måske har I passet på hinanden gennem tykt og tyndt. Stillet op når I hver især havde brug for det. I har en historie sammen. I har det…. READ MORE

Når lederskab forurener verden

oktober 07 2015

Skandalen i Volkswagen viser hvordan en forældet ledelsesstil med egoer, arrogance og grådighed i en profit-først-high-performance kultur, har udspillet dets rolle i nutidens samfund. Ud fra et traditionelt ledelsessyn var Martin Winterkorn en succesfuld topleder. VWs omsætning er så godt som fordoblet til €200 mia. siden han tiltrådte for knap 8 år siden. Han indtog…. READ MORE

When Leaders Pollute The World

oktober 07 2015

VW has unwillingly become a great business case for conscious capitalism, showing us what happens when ego, arrogance and profit become drivers for business, and why traditional management has outplayed its role.     By all traditional measures Martin Winterkorn was a very successful top executive. In his nearly 8 years as CEO for Volkswagen, he…. READ MORE

The only thing you ever need to know to succeed

september 09 2015

I promise you that this one thing will change your life, and it is the only one thing you’ll ever need to know to have real success in all aspects of your life – are you ready for it? Stop believing that there is a quick fix for success. Or for anything important and worth…. READ MORE

Values, values on the wall – What is the point of you all?

august 11 2015

It occurred to me that I don’t recall if any of my previous workplaces had values as a part of their organizational DNA. I don’t remember it ever being a part of a conversation or something, which was referred to in daily operation. And they are all very big companies that have a major impact…. READ MORE

Ville Starbucks servere sin kaffe hos Ryanair?

juni 05 2015

Virksomheder er nødt til at have en holdning til den verden de er en del af, ellers bliver de hægtet af den udvikling, der viser at business moral skal være en del af bundlinjen. Fremtiden tilhører de ’kedelige og ordentlige’ – ikke dem, der tjener en passe penge på at skide på det hele. Så…. READ MORE

Børsen-blogger på afveje – når fakta manipuleres

maj 21 2015

  Annette Franck, ledelsesblogger i Børsen, påstår, at en ny omfattende undersøgelse udfordrer det hun kalder en myte – at arbejdsglæde giver god performance. Den eneste, der synes udfordret her er imidlertid Annette Franck og hendes blog-indlæg. Vi kan jo starte med hendes påstand om, at arbejdsglæde er en myte. Lad os lige opfriske, at…. READ MORE

What drug is your organization on?

april 28 2015

As a leader, have you ever considered yourself as a sophisticated drug dealer, who controls the minds and lives of your employees by administrating drugs? In some ways you are. The way an organization is run and organized affect what chemicals are released from our brains, and then influence our feelings. And most organizations release…. READ MORE

Are You Failing Courage?

marts 24 2015

Have you ever explained to yourself or others that your courage failed you in a situation where you didn’t do something, you had wanted to do? And the other person probably nodded his or hers head knowingly and compassionately, showing their understanding. ‘My courage failed me’, we say. As if this was something totally out…. READ MORE

Why You Should Never Seek Advice

marts 17 2015

In my job, I am blessed to have the opportunity to help people reach their goals by clearing the barriers standing in their way. All of which most often are internal. One of the internal barriers that I often need to address is all the advice clients get from other people before coming to me….. READ MORE

People Prefer Electrical Shock to Feelings

marts 13 2015

People are so afraid of being alone with their thoughts and feelings that they rather give themselves electrical shock to distract themselves. I recently attended a talk by Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and author, where she brought up the fact that so many of us are so busy achieving that we don’t thrive….. READ MORE

Are You a Leader Who Walks or Talks?

januar 13 2015

I have sat through hours of strategy seminars and ’development days’ in the companies I have worked at. I have spend days away from home and given up weekend-days to hear about new exciting visions for the company and doing countless teamwork-exercises to come up with ideas on how to implement it all. Not once…. READ MORE

Why Real Business Outperforms Traditional Business

januar 02 2015

If you want to learn about what is so great about being a Real and Purpose Driven business – for instance why it outperforms a traditional business mind-set – then I recommend this book by John Mackey. When I read it, it was almost like the bible to me, as it put into words the…. READ MORE