• Lode Melis, Medical Manager, UCB

    Conscious Leadership Training

    The change agent program has truly helped me to become more self-aware, and to be more open to the world-views of other people. This is important to come to wise and compassionate business decisions.

    It has provided me with the right terminology allowing me to distinguish quickly between my immature ego and higher self voice. This accelerates my thinking and makes me more efficient as a leader.

    Leaders within biopharma companies often have thinking preferences linked to the left part of the brain, the blue and green quadrants in the HBDI model. This course focuses on the yellow and red quadrants of the HBDI model. The latter quadrant in particular is often overlooked and undervalued in the current business environment, highlighting the need for a broader roll-out of this program. After all, organizations will get better results when they can strategically leverage the full spectrum of thinking available.

    Maiken is a great facilitator who encourages active participation. She creates an environment of trust fostering deep group conversations. She adapts the content, the pace and flow of the program according to the level of complexity of the group. She has a challenger profile which is definitely beneficial for the individual coaching sessions as well.

    I highly recommend this training and Maiken.”

  • Marc Hommel, C-Suite Leader, Investor and former partner in PWC, London

    Conscious Leadership

    I didn’t know what to expect beforehand. I had already done a lot of work on myself previously and think I understand and know myself really well, so I was quite surprised to find out that I learned a lot from this process, and very efficiently. It was really valuable. The assessment and coaching surfaced things that brought further clarity and new insights.

    The process of doing the assessment prompted some very healthy reflections as I was faced with a number of questions I hadn’t faced before, which were thought provoking. And then the coaching followed up nicely and brought more insights and clarity.

    I took away a raised level of consciousness, and the importance of bringing more focus on putting myself in other people’s shoes, trying to understand other people better. And really understanding the gap between intent and impact – we rarely know what is driving someone’s own behavior, fears, and vulnerability.

    So becoming aware of the importance of not arriving at conclusions that are not helpful to a situation was hugely valuable. It made me realize how I need to be more mindful about thinking of other people’s perspectives, and take other people’s perspectives and lenses into account.

    Through the assessment and the conversations, I also became conscious of how the value really comes from practicing. It is about rewiring oneself, and it reinforced how valuable it is to practice the things we talked about. The more I practice the easier it gets.

    I found it to be a great return of investment – and it is applicable to all areas of life, really. I think it is an incredibly powerful and valuable process to go through to help busy people who are pulled by competing demands and have very difficult and challenging vocations (there are so many things we need to comply with) – it is an angle that very few people have the chance to experience and be challenged on – and it brings incredible value in terms of decision-making and inspiring people. Maiken brings a perspective that few people will have experienced, in a way that is both valuable and efficient.

    It has a big impact. In fact, if it doesn’t have a big impact – I would say that either the person is either already very enlightened or I would actually question if they are the right person for a senior leadership role.

    Maiken’s style is comfortable, she is a good listener, challenges you, good at prompting and being appropriately assertive – she didn’t let me off the hook – her assertiveness is where the value really comes in for me. She helps other people access their wisdom”

  • Bettina Nielsen, Talent Manager at TopDanmark Insurance and Pension

    Conscious Leadership Workshop

    I’m giving Maiken my highest recommendation after her workshop on conscious leadership and spiritual intelligence for our network-group.

    A topic that for some seemed a little ‘soft’ and ‘woo woo’-like, but it became very concrete, relevant and showed how you can make a quantum leap in consciousness to improve your leadership.

    Maiken really knows how to make the complex concrete and ask the relevant questions. She is great at providing new perspectives and shows the way for how you can be true to yourself and still be successful as a leader.

    Her exercises were very useful and eye-opening in relation to how not to get dragged into personal drama (your own and others) and instead stay in your own (spiritual intelligent) power in a good way.

  • Migena Gjerazi, Co-active Coach

    Purpose discovery and coaching

    “My biggest challenge was figuring out what I was burning for in terms of career and what my purpose is related to that. After  and during the coaching a lot happened to me:
    I actually found what I really wanted to do.

    Maiken supported me in discovering who I am in a work environment; what projects I like doing and what environment I thrive in. It also helped me not to look at my options in black and white and as drastic decisions, but figuring out middle ways for a smooth transition between my current career and my future one. That was eye opening for me.

    I chose Maiken because of her knowledge in the field; her holistic approach to it as that fits me very well with who I am and her personality. I really like her calm, welcoming, open minded but at the same time there is a lot of strength and determination in her. I really appreciate Maiken’s approach: the workshop approach works very well with me – getting things done immediately rather than talking and doing things on my own after the coaching. I like that she gets “hands dirty with you”! I like that she is a very good listener and very intuitive and catches the very subtle indicators that you yourself don’t admit to yourself.”

  • Stine Norstrand, Head of Design and News Graphics at Danish Broadcast Corporation

    Purpose discovery & coaching

    Maiken has a unique combination of simultaneously being very professional and very empathetic. And of

    providing clarity, direction and safety while challenging you at the same time. She goes deep in her work,

    and she surprises by helping me arrive at personal insights that are hard to achieve on my own. I was

    particularly happy that I at no point felt out of alignment with myself or who I am, but experienced

    consistent focus on how to receive the results I wanted while staying true to myself.

  • Henrik Byrial, CEO and Co-founder, Nerthus

    Conscious Leadership and Business Process

    As a scientist and CEO I’ve successfully found my own way without particular coaching or advice from others. But when a death in the close family and a personal crisis set in, I found my self in need to rethink my life in order to give my life and work new meaning. So for the first time, I decided to seek out help.

    Before deciding on Maiken Piil as my coach, I had tried out others. But I couldn’t find others, who had the same level of knowledge of both business as well as the psychological and spiritual aspects of life. To me all of these aspects are essential.

    However, the most important thing for me is the personal impression – and when meeting Maiken I experienced a deep contact combined with mutual openness and understanding. She was deeply engaged with clear opinions and she was very present, which I appreciate. So there was no doubt that I wanted to continue my journey with Maiken.

    The coaching sessions have been very well structured and goal oriented. And I quickly experienced effect from the sessions. The sessions focus a lot on the ’stories’ that we run in our minds, which are not true and blocks for change and personal development. This has brought me closer into contact with myself, and with what I think of as ‘the silence’ within me.

    I quickly realized that it is not possible to beat around the bush or avoid getting in contact with the difficult stuff, when working with Maiken. She challenges your thinking and keeps you on your toes. Maiken has a way of literally putting the writing on the wall so you need to face your challenges. I don’t always agree with Maiken, but she handles that effortlessly and always really listens to what you are saying (though it rarely make her change direction). Besides the personal sessions, she has given me concrete exercises, which I see as an essential way to integrate new behaviors and thinking into ones life – and at the end of the day, that is what matters.

    I really enjoy working with Maiken, and can only recommend her to others.


  • Julie Levin Toft, Director of Business Development, Falck

    Spiritual Intelligence and Purpose Coaching

    I’ve used Maiken as a coach and advisor for self-discovery and becoming really clear on who I am as a person and realizing my full potential. I’ve taken Spiritual Intelligence Assessment and follow up coaching as well as Maiken’s personal workshops on uncovering potential. I came to Maiken as a newly appointed leader, wanting to take a closer look at myself. And later on I had the need to become clear about my professional profile.

    Even though I consider myself a ’feeling person’, I was surprised to find out how unconscious I actually was of who I really am as a person and what values are important to me. I was surprised how powerful it is to gain clarity on aspects such as my values and unique strengths.

    After working with Maiken I became razor sharp on what motivates me, what differentiates me, what I stand for and how to express my truth. This clarity and focus have also provided me with clear direction and courage. I gained courage to claim my spotlight. Courage to differentiate myself because I know now deep down what I stand for and what is true to me. And courage to make choices in alignment with who I am, and what is important to me.

    Becoming clear on my vales and becoming aware of my personal uniqueness was the most impactful experience. I ended up with a really unique profile of ME, where I really recognize myself and not just another ‘profile’, which anyone can do.

    It has become much easier for me to communicate to my surroundings what I stand for, and it has made me a stronger influencer. My new gained understanding of myself has also made me more transparent and direct in relation to other people. And I feel like I’m a much stronger “card” and provide win-win situations for companies. I know exactly what I have to offer, and they know exactly what they get. It has become much easier to match expectations.

    I like Maiken’s way of being concrete and result oriented. Each session is impactful, and you’ll never end up with just another pep talk or good advice. We set concrete goals and I’m supported all the way through and never left hanging. After each session, I had something tangible to act on. Maiken is really good at asking the right questions to get below the surface. And she really sees and takes into account the whole person. I recommend Maiken to other people, who feel a need to discover who they really are and where they want to go in life.

  • Christel Skousen Thrane, Founder, Protocol


    “Maiken gave a talk at the annual Protocol conference for business leaders hosted by Carlsberg. And she was no less than phenomenal. The theme for the conference was ‘work mattes’ and Maiken delivered a killer performance, explaining the benefits of having a higher purpose for companies and the profitability of being a conscious business. She had inspiring business cases, which she discussed with the audience. The feedback from the audience was that they were inspired to create real change in their organization. Maiken is an inspiration on many levels – and her talks are intelligent and full of knowledge and hope. Hope for a better future!”

  • Lene, Project Manager

    Purpose Coaching

    “I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much for your indispensable help! Thanks to you and the process I went through, I  opened my eyes and dared even believe that I could get my dream job. And now I have it. I’m moved to tears when writing this – but it is true – you have had a lasting, positive influence on my life. Thank you”

  • Kim Jong, Executive Vice President

    Conscious Business Workshop

    “I wish to give Maiken Piil my heartfelt recommendation for her inspiring contribution to McCademy – the advanced training program run by McCann Copenhagen and CBS Executive.

    Maiken facilitated a very challenging and rewarding workshop at one of our autumn sessions, demonstrating the returns of letting a strong purpose drive business – and how to gain a bigger sense and understanding of meaning on the individual level, on the job.

    Maiken has an empathetic personality, a high level of professionalism and she stands out by her passion and faith in what she truly believes in. I look forward to hopefully having Maiken join us again next year at McCademy.”

  • Ella Kate Humphreys, Business owner

    Purpose Discovery

    “Before I started working with Maiken, I felt overwhelmed with work and business. I felt overwhelmed by ideas, struggling with decision-making and choices about future path.

    Maiken helped me breaking down the challenges. She helped me gain clarity and forced me to see a big green light above it all. A scribble of mess and ideas were turned into a beautiful goal, and I gained clarity to see what is important and how to move forward. The major thing is really recognizing what is important in my life, having the vision so well written out and not getting sidetracked. It helped me build confidence and stick with my decisions instead of being unable to commit.

    Maiken is very relaxed, like a friend, and there is no sense of hierarchy psychology or worry about how your brain works, she will understand you. She is connected, understanding and non-judgmental.

    She provided me the freedom to talk about myself and my desires without judgment. She kept picking up on things that I didn’t see were relevant or important – and kept insisting and question until I came up with the answers.”

  • Stefan Bøgh Andersen, Partner Overskrift.dk

    Catalyst Consulting - Strategy project on identifying go-to-market model

    “I realized I had been too afraid of really engaging in our customer activities, but have gained a renewed sense of courage to handle them better. And the strategic work has given me a lot more strings to play on in my conversations and dealings with customers now.

    We learned to move focus from our own product to the needs and perspective of the customers. It has improved my understanding of our customers better as well as my ability to ask into their needs.

    And on a personal level, the exercises have been a fantastic way to understand myself better. I was very positively surprised by how deep we actually got in the personal part of the strategy process. I didn’t imagine that. I have previously been at seminars and left with some words and values, but this really changed things for me on a very personal level. It was not just another standard seminar format.

    Maiken has been a strategic fine-tuner, and enabled us to arrive at our own conclusions.”

  • Marianne Pedersen, Booking Manager, ArtPeople

    2-day Conscious Leadership Workshop

    ” The workshop will definitely help us to quickly find the perfect way to work together as a team. And moving forward, I will continue working on the things I want to achieve and the areas where I have a personal blocking – both in relation to work and private. I found it challenging having to put reflections about myself and my job into words, but I got a deeper understanding of who I am as a person and about my job and relations to colleagues. I felt really taken care of throughout the process and quickly gained trust in Maiken. She has great insight into the individual and is really good at keep asking the right questions.”

  • Søren Schultz-Hansen, Expert and Advisor on Digital Natives and Leadership

    Catalyst Consulting

    ” Maiken is my go-to advisor on image and expert positioning, and acts as my external brain on areas outside of my expertise.

    Maiken is competent and know what she is doing, which meant that I quickly felt that I could trust the process. We have achieved exactly what we set out to do.

    Maiken has a clear understanding of my needs and what is required to fulfill them. She is very directional, give quick and concise advice and create concrete results. It worked well for me to get a plan with specific tasks for me to act on, so that I could see the results.

    I have also learned a lot, and an important part of what I wanted to get from our collaboration was to be pushed. Maiken is good at formulating exact demands and support me in fulfilling them.”

  • Christel Skousen Thrane, former Director, Protocol

    Purpose Discovery

    ”My challenge was to get my company to the next phase, and Maiken was good at creating direction and make a clear strategy.

    What makes Maiken great is her experience with strategy, her holistic focus and challenging questions. She pushed me to develop personally and get better and smarter than I thought I could be.

    Maiken was really good at finding the pain points and made me focus on where I would profit most in the future, even though it meant killing some darlings. At the same time, she kept a holistic focus on my business and looked at values and ethics, so it didn’t just become a matter of making money, but doing it the right way for everybody.

    I would recommend Maiken to any businesses that need a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate their strategy and growth potential. As well as to start-ups, who need a kick-start. I would especially recommend using Maiken to do a yearly ‘routine check-up’ to look at goals and strategy for the year.”


  • Jens Ulrik Lange, Partner Overskrift.dk

    Strategy project on identifying go-to market model

    “I was surprised by how bad we in reality were at talking about our products. We had not addressed the value and how it can actually improve our customers’ everyday-life.

    Some of the insights we already new, but we had never put them into action. And if you don’t put what you know into action you don’t really know it. We have now gained a deeper and better understanding of our business, which have made us a lot more credible as a business.

    The project with Maiken has influenced our business in so many ways – how we prioritize, how we talk to and select our customers, what we participate in. And as partners we have gained a shared frame of reference, and know where we are coming from and where we are going, as it is grounded in the work we have done together.

    The process has enabled us to operate at a more strategic level. We have moved from talk to clarity to action. And I see a lot more opportunities in creating greater value for our business now.

    From the first day, I experienced an effect, and I started changing my perspective, thinking differently, and got a better understanding of myself, and our business. And then I thought, this could not go wrong. And true, after every session we left with new thoughts, were pushed and pushed ourselves. We received a lot more than I hoped for. On personal level, what really stuck with me are the keywords in my own priorities.

    You cannot look at yourself objectively and need a fresh pair of eyes. Maiken’s approach helped me to know on a deeper level what we are good at, and I became really proud of what we do and how we do it. I feel that we have arrived at our own conclusions, which gives a feeling of ownership of the outcome.

    Maiken has a perfect balance of pushing us in a way as if we push ourselves, without taking too much space or directing too much.”

  • Claus Buhr, Director of Communication, Vestegnens Police department

    Purpose Discovery

    “I came to Maiken as I was ready for a change in my career, but only to something, which would be truly meaningful for me. Maiken helped me see new opportunities, and has provided me with invaluable sparring in the process of transitioning into a new job. She had an impressive ability to put herself into my shoes and understand my situation, while remaining solution oriented”.

  • Frederik Skøt and Toke Kristian Suhr, Partners in Droner.dk

    Purpose and Strategy Workshop

    “It has been an eye-opener to work with Maiken. Over the past year and a half we had got ourselves into non-conducive routines and mind-sets, which made it less fun to run our company. Maiken got us thinking in new and more constructive ways, which have brought more happiness and optimism into our workday. We were very happy with the workshop and process, and remain impressed that she could create such a big change in a short period of time.”

  • Henriette Højberg, Head of Resource and Development at Kvinfo, now Head of Secretariat Dare Gender

    Purpose Discovery and Conscious Leadership development

    “I came to Maiken as I had needed a change in my work life for years, but kept getting distracted by life and everyday life. She helped me realize where I place my excuses for not making the necessary changes, which gave me a new perspective.

    I had not been able to make changes so quickly and without compromising myself without the help of Maiken. I got the courage to say no to things that were not in alignment with what I really wanted, regardless of how much I wanted the change. And I had not accomplished that without Maiken’s help and support.

    I had lost orientation in the situation I was in, and Maiken ensured I got on track. I gained a clear focus on what is really important to me and what fundamental values guide my work life. It ensured that I made the change I needed without compromising.

    From the first day I experienced a change in myself. The fact that the process and exercises were so concrete and tangible made it really easy for me to take action. I have also used the exercises I learned in my job as a leader. It is not a matter of coming up with the answers, but actually discovering what is already inside me. It has been just awesome to have been taken by the hand and guided through that. Discovering my vision has been essential in recognizing my strengths and articulating who I am to the world. After every session I left with a new angle on WHERE I am, WHAT is important to me and WHY is it important.

    I recommend Maiken to people that want to make a change and need clarity and direction. She focuses on what you have identified as important and not what she thinks is important. She ensures that your vision and actions are aligned and that you stay on a track, which is in alignment with who you are. Maiken is very pragmatic, non-judgmental and sensible. She is empathetic but not very touchy-feely, and has a high-level of reflection, which has challenged me. She knows how to find the balance between keeping you on track and pushing you while still being sensitive to your needs.”

  • Joy Caroline Morgan, Booking Manager, ArtPeople

    2-day Conscious Leadership Workshop

    “The workshop offered personal development and was very focused, results and solution oriented. During the entire process I had trust in Maiken and felt I was in good hands, also the few times my belief in my own abilities were challenged

    Maiken is very motivating, competent, patient, professional and gracious. I will recommend Maiken to anyone who needs help or inspiration with transformation processes, as she offers a huge eye opener into ones own challenges and the achievement of work projects, which demands focus and a different approach.

    I gained a strengthened believe in my ability to reach my goals and at the same time received new tools to deal with the challenges I became aware of. I also got new insights into some of my own strengths and weaknesses – among others in relation to my ambitions and fundamental needs in my work life. Moving forward I will use my new insights to get a better grasp of my projects.”

  • Josefine Campbell, Serial Entrepeneur

    Purpose Discovery

    ”Maiken has helped me to articulate my business identity and purpose. She also supported my in developing and structuring my inspirational speaks. She has a natural gift of asking the tough questions and see what is beneath the surface. Working with Maiken you will always be sure to get clarity, direction and focus. And the ideas of purpose, value, courage, meaning and the question why will always be a part of the conversation.”