The Magic Touch

March 15, 2016

I started coaching clients a couple of years back, and after a while a really interesting pattern started to emerge. It was something, which kind of surprised me. It really shouldn’t have, because what I witnessed was something I believed in, and many talk about. But it wasn’t until I saw it unfold in my clients that I myself really started to get it. And it has really inspired me.

This thing is the power of setting intentions.

Intention Wayne Dyer

What happened is that I began to notice how the willingness and commitment to setting intentions at the beginning of a coaching process influence the results my clients achieve. Whether it is a specific job or changing how they feel about their life.

The clients that set clear and specific intentions of what they wanted to achieve, and by when; they almost magically succeed. In some instances both the client and I had even forgotten some of the intentions, i.e. for instance a certain date. And then all of a sudden realized; wow that is exactly how it has turned out.

And the ones that say they want to reach a certain goal, but during the process give xyz…as an excuse or reasons for why it is also ok, if it doesn’t happen, or they are unclear about what exactly they want, they don’ get the same results. If any at all. Even if they work towards their goals and apply themselves, there is a clear difference in what happens and how.

It kind of makes sense when you put it like this, doesn’t it? That if you set a goal, you are more likely to achieve it. Setting attention was of course a part of finding out what the purpose of the coaching is, and how I could then support my clients. But the difference in the way they approached it and how the results correlated, was more magical.

Opportunities would for instance magically show up out of nowhere at the right time for the people that had set the clear intentions and committed to them. And this started to surprise me. One thing is to see it work for one person, but another and then another…. It really started to open my eyes to the magic of intentions. And it is something I’m still exploring.

Because how necessary is it really to get really clear on exactly what I want and when?

Thoughts are energy. And when we form clear thoughts – intentions – about what we want, we activate the power of the mind. We activate our will to choose and decide what we want in our lives. When we set intentions we make a choice, we guide our energy, and that set things in motion. And by consciously directing our energy and will, things start to happen.

Have you ever hear the saying ‘when you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen’? I believe that is what I started to see in my clients. And that inspired me to be more diligent with my own intentions, and walk the talk.  And I have now become dedicated to setting specific intentions for when I give talks, do workshops, have meetings, for my business. And I see the results.
And sometimes it requires to look deep to do it. Because what I noticed in myself, and others, was that the unwillingness to be clear about intentions often came from fears. From something clouding our desires and ability to follow them. What if I cannot have what I really want? I don’t want to be disappointed. Then it might mean that I’m not good enough or powerful enough? Or many other underlying fears that we are not really aware of or wanting to look at.

First step is to make the clear intentions. THEN we have to stay committed and apply ourselves, our courage and overcome our inner obstacles. And then magic happens.

So go set your intentions! And please share your experiences with or view on setting intentions.

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