The only thing you ever need to know to succeed

September 09, 2015

5-easy steps...5 quick-fixes....3 things

I promise you that this one thing will change your life, and it is the only one thing you’ll ever need to know to have real success in all aspects of your life – are you ready for it?

Stop believing that there is a quick fix for success.

Or for anything important and worth having, for that matter. There are no


Whether it comes to fixing your love life, loose weight, become a great leader or create a successful business, quick fixes do not exist.

Unfortunately the truth about any kind of success is not very sexy. It doesn’t sell. We rather click on articles that give us the 5 quick fixes, than on one that tells us that cleaning up our lives really takes 20 hard choices. We rather buy the courses or solutions that guarantee results in easy, quick steps than those who tells us that the process will be complex, long-term and require commitment, effort and personal growth.

We love quick fixes because we believe they will help us skip all the complex, annoying, messy stuff and just take us smoothly to our destination on first class. And that as soon as we arrive we never have to revisit all of those struggles we had in the beginning.

Being successful in any business – or in many other aspects of life – is complex, takes dedication and will, it requires purpose, intention and personal growth. It requires the ability to pick yourself up when things get difficult – and trust me they will when you aim for things that are important to you. Forget about quick fixes, easy steps and people who promise you to fix anything in a jiffy.

All that quick-fixes do are keeping us from the painful reality that we cannot avoid courage, failures, doubt, tough decisions and overcoming difficult obstacles when pursuing our goals.

So if you want real success, get out of your quick-fix mind-set and wake up to the reality that any change, success or achievement in your life worth having require hard work in multiple areas of your life. And embrace that fact. Love that fact. Dive into it with excitement and courage. Invest in it. It is when you do that you experience the greatest satisfaction and success in your life. And when you get some lucky breaks and smooth sailings along the way, always remember that it was all the hard work you put in up until that point, which pushed you to those moments.

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